Client Testimonials

Heidi Eberhart (Online Tourism)

Straightforward and hassle free. Brilliant service. If I ever need another loan would come back to NELT without even thinking twice.

Sarah Hutt (Florist)

NELT had a willingness to listen to applicant’s ideas and see their vision. There was not a time when there was an unhelpful answer or advice.
Just a big thank you for the ongoing support for Willowfloral Design. Even in tough times, NELT has been a great Trust to deal with. Thank you.

Viv Williams (Children’s clothing)

NELT were very accommodating, easy to approach, prompt processing of application and satisfying outcome.
It’s great to be able to borrow money for a business on a reduced interest rate compared to the banks or finance companies; it makes it possible to borrow to grow a business on a reduced income with few assets.

Robert Fekete (Joinery)

NELT offers excellent service, very helpful offering flexibility and options and very good rates, better than the Bank.

Chaitanya, Evolve Festival

I have found that NELT have been very approachable and easy to deal with, far better than any Bank that I have dealt with in the past. I haven’t encountered any problems in my three years of dealing with NELT.
I think it’s fantastic that we have a small business loan company that is locally owned and operated in Nelson…I have always resented giving money to banks and supporting their greed.

Jill Alexander (Madcat)

Dealing with one person that shows an understanding of the challenges facing a small business wanting to stay in Nelson. I feel without the support of his team I could not continue living and working in Nelson. I think my skills are an asset to the Nelson community and only NELT have recognised this and financially supported the development of my business, granting me loans thus allowing me to stay here. Bruce has always been persistent is telephoning me, to get answers to questions, I appreciate his dedication. I know others have told me I am hard to track down sometimes due to my heavy workload.

Worthwhile Investment

“Many worthwhile and successful small businesses have been supported by NELT and we were pleased to support this initiative.”
Liz Richards and Mary-Ellen O’Connor, former Trustees, Canterbury Community Trust