Willow Floral Design, Florist, Nelson

Willow Floral Design was built on the ambitions and dreams of two florists, Katrin Lilla and Sara Hutt.

In January 2005 the opportunity to get a leases on a great wee shop (the Standard Building) on Halifax St came up. This was too good an opportunity to let go.

“As two florists with a great love for flowers and design we had no qualms about starting up on our own and with similar styles and ideals, this was the perfect time.

As we were unable to get the big banks to suppost us in the initial set up., we decided to approach Nelson Enterprise Loans Trust. Bruce Dyer and NELT’s trustees could see our vision and energy in making this happen and supported us by financing our first business loan. this was the start of a great business relationship and we have had ongoing support from them ever since.

Willow Floral Design is now in its 4th year and we have enjoyed every moment of building our new business. With a great customer base and over 250 weddings since opening, we know we are in the right place.

Thanks Bruce and the Team at NELT, we wouldn’t have sone it without you.”

Sara Hutt, Director, Willow Floral Design, 46 Halifax St, Nelson

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